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  • How long can the makeup last on for?
    The applied makeup lasts 14 -24 hours excluding lipstick. Touch up kits can be requested.
  • Whats your favourite makeup look?
    My favourite makeup look is bronzey, glowy and full glam
  • How early should I book in advance?
    I recommend 2–3 months in advance to avoid disapointment to secure your desired time and date.
  • How early in the day should i book my makeup before the event?
    2-6 hours before the event is suitable.
  • Is there an age restriction on your 1:1 lessons?
    There is not any restrictions on age however, there are 2 types of 1:1 training lessons available. Lessons for beginners or basic experienced individuals that just want to learn makeup on themselves and the second option is for aspiring makeup artists that want to learn on a model.
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